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Voici les nouvelles tech et autres articles que j’ai collectés ces dernières semaines

Rust / Web

  • 🇫🇷 De Zig et des zags,
    L’actualité du logiciel libre et des sujets voisins (DIY, Open Hardware, Open Data, les Communs, etc.), sur un site francophone contributif géré par une équipe bénévole par et pour des libristes enthousiastes

  • Using Zig in our incremental Turborepo migration from Go to Rust, Vercel
    In this Turborepo migration update, we explore the innovative strategies, such as the “Go Sandwich” approach and leveraging Zig’s cross-compilation, guiding our gradual shift from Go to Rust, aiming to boost performance without sacrificing stability.

  • Time travel debugging Rust in NeoVim, jonboh’s blog
    If you’ve spent any amount of time debugging software you know the amount of it one can end up wasting just continuously restarting your program in order to pinpoint where in your code base a given problem is located. Even when you’ve located the problem it is sometimes difficult to reason through why things are not going according to plan in your code. Even more if you are not debugging your own code (or you wrote it more than two weeks ago).

  • Should I Rust or should I go ? Sylvain Kerkour
    "Is Rust a great fit for this project?" I get this question quite frequently so I think it's time to write down my thoughts if it can avoid you some painful and costly mistakes. Short answer: no. Coming from someone who wrote a successful book about Rust (Black Hat Rust)

  • Why you might actually want async in your project, Notgull
    There is a common sentiment I’ve seen over and over in the Rust community that I think is ignorant at best and harmful at worst.

  • Writing a Web Scraper in Rust using Reqwest, Shuttle
    Learn to leverage the power of Rust for web scraping. This article explores how you can competently create a web scraping service and host it online without hassle.

Cloud / Ops


Connaissances / Recherche

Société / Vie privée / Défense des libertés

🇫🇷 Tout ce qu’on entasse, par Absolument Tout
Réflexion sur les inventions plus moins neuves et utiles : Cyber-fermiers, minimalisme et déchetteries

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